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  1. 2025 Cody Freitas Commits to Illinois State
  2. 2024 Aidan Hayse Commits to Tennessee
  3. 2024 John Hughes Commits to North Carolina
  4. 2024 Eloy Suarez Commits to Illinois State
  5. 2024 Ryan Sloan Commits to Wake Forest

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Why Choose Top Tier South For Your Athlete or Team?


  • Proven Individual Player Development Plan, resulting in on field success.
  • Technology and Facilities that prepare players in all phases of the game.
  • A commitment to College Level Practices, strength and conditioning and dedicated coaches to prepare player to play at the collegiate level.
  • Non-Profit, Player Development First Program that will ensure the investment into your committed athlete supports his advancement and success on the field.
  • One Team at each Youth Age Level 9u – 13u. Allowing our dedicated coaches and development staff to develop our youth athletes with a narrow focus.
  • Highly Competitive High School Teams (15u – 17u). Providing the most exposure and competitive play when players need it most to advance on to the next level.

Ranked #1 Baseball Program in Chicagoland by Baseball Connected!



College Level Advancement

751 Lifetime College Commits
282 College Commits in Past 5 Years
56 College Commits in 2020

Top Tier in The Pro’s


Ben Hernandez – Kansas City Royals

Paul Dejong – St. Louis Cardinals

Cooper Johnson –  Detroit Tigers

Joe Benson – Minnesota Twins

John Ely – Chicago White Sox

Michael Bowden – Boston Red Sox

Ryan Borucki – Toronto Blue Jays

Tanner Roark – Texas Rangers

Jalen Greer – Oakland Athletics


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Tech Inventory

A rundown of what technology the Top Tier baseball program uses. Most of the technologies crossover with each, allowing for deeper analysis.


Analyzes individual’s swing. Attaches to the knob of the bat to provide metrics specific that allow for evaluation of every swing. Blast Sensors are used every day at practice, allowing players to get direct feedback, which is a critical part of motor learning.


Real-time, on-screen evaluation. Doppler radar is used to quantify multiple aspects of the batted ball. It measures exit velocity, launch angle, direction, distance, and more. Results of each swing are displayed on a screen or iPad which provides direct feedback to the hitter.


Instant feedback for pitchers. These technologies use radar and optical cameras to calculate several metrics related to velocity, ball movement and spin. The data is used by the data analyst team, coaching staff and players to assist with pitch design and the development of each pitcher’s arsenal.


High-speed pitch evaluation and design. This professional grade high-speed camera has a unique interface that allows for the user to control exposure, shutter speed, frame rate and ISO. Edgertronic camera collect video at up to 10,000 FPS (normal camera is 30-60 FPS). During pitch design sessions, the Edgertronic camera allows the coaching staff and pitcher…


A pitcher’s best friend. These inertial measurement units are worn in a compression sleeve by pitchers every day. They are able to quantify metrics related to stress and workload specific to throwing. They count throws, estimate stress on the elbow, and measure other metrics associated with pitcher training. Motus sleeves are a critical component of…